1 Piece of Bread = a Bag of Skittles

As trainers & seekers of the lowest bodyfat functionally possible, we’re always on the hunt for the easiest way to remind clients how to eat.  Bread turns to SUGAR almost as fast as CANDY! and then to FAT faster than any protein.  Reminder of the day ~~ PROTEIN FIRST, VEGGIES NEXT, treat any starchy carb like CANDY.  We can’t tell you how many clients claim to eat well but continue to store layers of fat.  We have to assume that ‘well’ to them is, well, not so good.  Whole grain bread does not mean it helps you lose weight!!! Eat like a caveman, and you shall start to see your definition.  Pepperidge Farm and Thomas’ English Muffins had no start in nature – if someone processed it, it’s probably not good for you.