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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hey all,

Looking for some kickass workouts or for something to jump start your stale exercise routine? We've got what you've been looking for, our classes at Pulse are fresh, challenging and a whole lot of fun!

We've got a really unique spin on everything we do - bored with your spin class? Try STORM CYCLE. This is not your average cycling class; weights, trampolines, jump ropes and whatever else your instructor is in the mood to throw at you. Tired of the same old aerobics or step class? Try the BOUNCE class - mini trampolines that will give you a great shredding/sweating workout without all the impact. Sick of seeing the same old routines in Kickboxing- come try Kickboxing with Derrell - his energy and intensity makes the same old anything BUT old. Looking for a really great Yoga or Pilates class? We've got those too.

Come try us out - we're a private studio so you'll get lots of attention from all the highly qualified personal trainers who teach our classes. We know ALL our clients whether they do one class a week or once a year. Stop by or sign up for classes on line. We are running a special - your first class is free! No excuses now, get started tomorrow!


  1. Love the trampoline- Bounce Class. It completely improved my cardio for running. I am spoiled for when I leave Newport for the winter. Do you have DVDs?

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