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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free Classes this Month

Looking for something different? We've got it coming next week!

FIT TO FIGHT!: Pulse is introducing a new class and a new instructor to our schedule. Erik Brechun will be teaching a new class series starting with two free classes January 18th at 5:30pm and January 20th at 6:30pm. Here's what it entails: The class covers a brief cardio workout to get the heart rate up, followed by strength training, shadowboxing and partner work. Then the fun starts. The class splits up into smaller groups, which rotate through combinations and drills found in traditional martial arts classes that focus on punching, kicking, elbows, knees and defense with an emphasis on proper technique.

A little bit about Erik.....
Erik is has been training in the martial arts of Chinese Kung Fu and Korean Hapkido for more than a decade and an instructor for the last 6 years in his home state of Colorado and more recently here in Rhode Island. He is a 2nd degree black belt under the Korea Kung Fu Association and the last person to achieve that rank under 9th degree black belt grandmaster Chul Woo Jung. Erik strives to maintain a realistic approach and open mind to teaching the martial arts across different formats while at the same time preserving the rich tradition, history and philosophy of the masters before him.
You can sign up on-line without a punch card for this class or you can e-mail Erik directly to reserve your spot: brechun@gmail.com

Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Camp with Melinda Langelier:
This month Melinda is offering her Monday/Weds 4:30pm camp for FREE! Isn't that a nice word...FREE...yes it is! She is offering camp through the month of January so that YOU can get to know her and be introduced to her style of kettlebell conditioning training. Drop in on any Monday and Weds this month and give it a try. You can e-mail Melinda at melinda.langelier.ctr@navy.mil


For those of you looking to get jump started but aren't ready for camp...come join our classes! We've got a unique class schedule that'll keep you coming back for more.

Here's a little sample of what we are offering:
Bounce - 45 Minute ultra-high intensity, moderate impact cardio class on the mini trampoline followed by 10 minutes of core conditioning. Leave sweaty, release that stress and absorb those endorphins! (Loud music lovers only please.)
Storm Cycle - A mixed bag of cycling, trampoline madness, jumprope, weights, abs - whatever we can throw at you in 55 minutes to make sure you're panting when you leave! Sign up early - this will be a sell out class! Limit 12 in class.
Bounce and Weights or Kettlebells - all the fun of Bounce Class - interval style with either full body weights or Kettlebell work.
Cardio Combat Sculpt - Work with Annika weilding a 9-12 pound bodybar in cardio 'strike' segments mixed with jumprope, weighted core sculpting work and more in this hour long burn session! Leave knowing the next day you'll have a hard time sitting down and laughing... Get your frustrations out with each STRIKE and burn calories at the same time!
Yoga - Traditional yoga poses in our fresh new studio ~ calm, lengthen, stretch and breathe with
Dina. You'll need it if you're doing the rest of our stuff at PULSE!

All these plus a whole lot more will make your tired, boring aerobics classes a thing of the past. Our staff are all personal trainers and we are small enough to get to know you and your needs - be it in class or in camp. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable, well coached, and walk out feeling like you got the best workout you could get.

See you at the studio!

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