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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Classes!

Lots of new stuff coming your way this week and weekend!
We've been creating and designing new classes just for you....here's what's coming up:

'Get the Pulse' with Jacki Lane:
Either Jacki or Kathy will find the latest, mix it with our own style, and bring it to you. This workout is non-impact, focused on inner and outer thigh toning (extreme!) - you'll find muscles you didn't know you had, sweat, burn and sculpt without all of the runaround we usually put you through. A great mix to our bootcamp workout!

Monday Noon Pulse Special 60 Minutes
Thursday 10:30 Get the Pulse Toning + Yoga Intervals Mixed
Sunday 7am Get the Pulse + Cardio - Sundays will be spotty until 4/15 - classes available 2/6, 2,27, 3/20 & 3/27 - - after 4/15 - every Sunday...

The workouts will be VERY SIMILAR for the next 6 weeks.

Kettlebell Fusion - with Kathy Martin:

Incinerate bodyfat and boost your conditioning levels! Fusion combines Russian kettlebells with bodyweight exercises, jump rope, calisthenics,cycling, trampolines, plyometrics, sport drills to work your body from head to toe. Create the body of a long lean strong athete while bringing your stamina and strength to new levels. The many cardio options I have in the studio will accomodate those with limited capabilities or injuries. I'll always be prepared to accomodate anyone! Specific instruction on performing the kettlebell movements will be always be demonstrated! Limit 12 to 15 dependent on routine.

Schedule: Saturday mornings at 8am

FULL THROTTLE with Kathy Martin- class series

45 Minutes - proper warmup/demonstrations then anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes of cross training that'll bring you to the edge. Circuits and Complexes, Kettlebell MMA Combat Routines, Olympic Lifts, Bodyweight work, Tabata Protocols, Power Plyometrics, Medicine balls, Kettlebells, jump ropes. Multiple modes of training allow me to challenge your body in different manners, helping you build lean muscle and boosting your metabolism. This class is the answer to those limited on time and looking for quick and effective workout. Go FULL THROTTLE or Go Home!! This camp is not for beginners, please contact Kathy@pulsenewport.com for more details. 12 Sessions - No testing/No Homework. Start date has been moved to Feb 14th rather than March 4th - there is only one spot open in this series - so reserve now!

Schedule - Mondays/Fridays 6:45am til 7:30am

A note on classes:
Our weekend classes are overselling lately - so please be sure to sign up beforehand or contact the instructor to reserve your spot.

A note to our campers - if you are in the habit of showing up for makeups on the weekends or in some classes during the week, you could be turned away :(. Let's TRY to get to your camp sessions!

Class Cancellations: Monday 6:30am Storm Cycle (as of next week) and Friday 6:30am Kettlebells ends Feb 11 to accomodate the Full Throttle series - but that is a TEMPORARY end date - it may be held 2/18 and 2/25 so check the schedule for the updates.

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