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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Welcome to all our new clients - we've seen a bunch of new faces arriving at the studio each week!   And Happy Anniversary to all of you who have been with us one year!  Yes, we’ve been open one year as of the end of August.  It seems like so much longer than that J.

First off, we’d like to thank everyone for supporting Jacki, myself and the staff at the studio this year.  You have provided an overwhelming show of support for us and for our programs.  We’re grateful each day that we get to work with such an amazing client base and general all around terrific people.  It’s a pleasure to walk into the studio (or beach) each day knowing that we’ll be surrounded by people that we actually enjoy working with.  And we do.  We love what we do and all your successes make it worth our effort.

Secondly, we got some more new classes and programs that are coming with a few updates on camps!  We like to keep you updated on a regular basis when anything new happens in the studio.

Come try a NEW program with Jacki……


This class series is like another weight-loss program, but with a little bit more... it includes weekly weigh-ins, Pre & Post Waistline Measurements, Weekly Core Crippler Class with Jacki, Mondays and/or Fridays 11:30 a.m. or with Gena Tuesdays 5:30pm, Weekly Cardio Mileage Log, Quality Nutritional Guidance And most of all SIMPLE Accountability for ALL fitness levels. The Core Crippler will be as hard as YOU PERSONALLY can handle, and the rest is on your own!
Starting 9/19 & 9/20          

Playground Bootcamp With Kids - Wednesdays/Fridays 9:30 a.m. Fair Weather Only (canceled in rain - check online!)
Got a day off with the kids?  Not in daycare or school quite yet?? Instead of standing around watching them or pushing a swing -- what about piggyback running up a hill?  Or doing sets of squats between swings?  Best for moms with kids ages 3-5 not in school yet... Warm up & Cool down with Gena, Work out with Jacki - have fun with the kids AND get your workout in!  You'll have 2 more sets of eyes on them while you're working out... Let's enjoy FALL outdoors!  Meet at the playground by Newport Library.


We’ve purchased six new spin bikes to go with the six we currently have.  And that means we can actually teach true Spinning Classes.  These classes are limited in capacity due to the amount of bikes we have.  Here’s what we’ve got on the schedule:

Monday 7:30am – Spin and Abs with Tessa
Monday 5:30pm – Hardcore Spin with Nicolette
Tuesday 7:45pm – Hardcore Spin with Becky

And we have some new combination ½ Spin and ½ weights/toning classes too:

Wednesday 7:30am – Spin and Shred with Kathy
Thursday 5:30pm - Spin and Shred with Alex
Saturday 7am – Spin and Shred with Kathy


We’ve still got fitcamps that have time slots open!  Camps will be pro-rated on pricing dependent on when the individual camp started.  And NO, it’s not too late. 

Mondays – 6am – FIT45
Monday/Friday – 6:45am Full Throttle
Monday/Weds – 6:30pm Long and Lean Camp
Tues/Thursday – 6:30am Beach Bootcamp at Second Beach
Tues/Thursday – 7:30am Beach Bootcamp at Second Beach
Mon/Weds/Fri – 10:30am Fitcamp

Please note that on bootcamp makeups; you will need to get them done before the current camp session ends.  Thanks!

Find our full schedule in this week’s NWT issue!


And lastly, the newest Newport Life Magazine has it’s “Best of” nomination page as an insert….we’d love to see our name on the list or better yet – as the winner!  Pick up a copy and vote Pulse Newport in as Best Gym!

See you at the studio!

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