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Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Classes!

Got some new classes for you guys to try out this week.....

Sunday at 8am - Martial Arts Kickbox Cardio with Jacki - Martial Arts Kickbox Cardio mixes martial arts style aerobic patterns (think 'Kill Bill') with bodybar combat, jumprope intervals & kickbox intervals for that kind of sweat that leaves your fingers tingling.  The heat might be turned up just a bit at the start of class so you're POURING by the time you leave... Flush out the fat & toxins here!!!

Weds at 9:30am - Kettlebell Yoga Fusion - with Kathy and Jeff - Come find the perfect blend! Kathy & Jeff will lead alternating segments of yoga and kettle bell through an hour of mind altering movement.  Kathy has been working with kettlebells for years and will lead you in a traditional kettlebell workout suited for all levels.  Kettlebells are cast iron weights that looks like a cannonball with a handle. All exercises are done with momentum and require every muscle in the body to react.  The muscles you develop during Kettlebell and Yoga work are more likely to be elongated, because while you are strengthening them, you are simultaneously lengthening them.

Weds 3:30pm - Firework Tween Training with Jacki - Mix up spin, trampoline & bosu in age appropriate workouts for kids ages 8/9 - 12/14... kids will have the chance to be in charge of the class and the microphone! These workouts will be high-energy, cardio based exercises to FUN YOUNG MUSIC chosen by the participants - the goal is to have fun and sweat!  Email jacki@pulsenewport.com for more info - parent punchcards can be used for these workouts.

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