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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Next Level Training

What is the NLT Next Level Training Program?

The program is meant to slingshot current pulse clients to a next level of fitness as if they just signed up for military bootcamp and it’s designed to be like “HELL WEEK” of the Navy Seals – but a little safer ;) A quote from Navy Seals training… “The first phase is most well known for "Hell Week", 132 hours of continuous physical activity” – that equals 18 hours a day – we’ll ask you to do 3.

Participants must agree to the 12-15 hour/week minimum load ~ 2-3 hours/day with 1-2 days off per week. DAYS OFF are required as well!• The participants must be at a plateau that trainers agree is unsurmountable given current work load.• They must follow food plan as well as workout plan.• Clients must be willing to publicly share their results.

What we do for you:
Your trainer will sit with you and map out the month with your life, your schedule, our classes & camps. They will plan your workouts and calorie burn goals for the week.• Trainer will shop with you for the first round of food – which you will eat for the first 2 weeks of the program.• Trainer will email a refresher menu for weeks 3 & 4 to help you stick to it. Questions/comments/constant contact is EXPECTED and you are NOT EXPECTED to do EVERYTHING 100% effort! You WILL get injured if you don’t listen to your body. One class/day should be max effort for you – the rest are medium to light, but still calorie burning hours of your day.

What is included:
Includes 2 Bootcamp sessions/week + 10-12 classes a week @ Pulse ($400 value in classes alone) Pre & Post Bodyfat Analysis, measurements & photos Constant email support, shopping consult, nutrition plan Cost $199 for NLT Addition to Camp $449 for NonCampers

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