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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thank you to the Potter Company for including us!  We are honored!!

Thank You!
You showed your appreciation, now we would like to show ours.

Thank you for participating in our first favorite instructor/ trainer contest!
Not only did we receive hundreds of votes but wonderful testimonials to why they're so outstanding and should win.  We are very grateful to have these encouraging leaders in our lives to help tone and maintain our body and mind.

1st Place - Zumba instructor at the Boys & Girls Club ZAIDA HUMPHREY nominated by Mona Sylvester!

2nd Place - The Pulse Personal Fitness trainer duo of Jackie Lane & Kathy Martin nominated by Alessandra Ghezzi.  

3rd - Another fantastic Zumba instructor from the Newport County YMCA Kathy Pereda nominated by Tara Phelan.

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