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Monday, June 18, 2012


Alessandra, Kathy and Jacki are all good to go with 
SUP Privates, SUP Harbor Tours & Semi-Private classes or workouts...  
Rates range from $110 for 2 people up to $200 for 5 people at Third Beach, $130 for 2 up to $210 for 4 in Newport Harbor.  
We'll help coordinate boards & locations - you just have to show up!  

Guests in town?  
Get them on the water for something they'll never forget... We meet at Third Beach, Boat Ramp End OR Kings Park and Island Sports and the BoardRoom help us with board rentals. 
Email jacki@pulsenewport.com to set up an incredibly memorable Newport Harbor Tour, workout, or simple paddle trial for your summer guests.
(401) 847-5831 to leave a message to schedule.

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