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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome Kathy Lavigueur to Pulse!  
Seasoned trainer for 8 years from another local gym, is bringing her style to Pulse -- she was craving more of the hard-core clients that love her classes & camps already... so we thought you all would be a great fit... here's THIS Friday's 7:30 a.m. class (8/17 only) -- 
keep an eye on the schedule for her regular spot and give it a try!

SPINBell Combo ~ Hour of spin or hour of kettle bells bore you but you love both? Come work with Kathy Lavigueur - Pulse's new trainer. With her husband and fellow trainer, Antoine, they have created of the 'Ultimate Training' program. Kathy is teaching this Friday and rolling out a new combo class - Kettlebell/Spinning combo called SPINBell with a taste of Ultimate Training to leave you sweaty & sore and allover worked! email lavfamily@cox.net for more info.  

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