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Monday, December 24, 2012

Friends of Newtown Aquidneck Island 
Fitness Community Fundraiser

Hello ~ I just wrote the letter below to all of my campers, and want to reach out to anyone checking Pulse's site to join in and help as well...

Would love to see you all 1/1. 

Hello all ~~

Michael Cecchi has coordinated most of the Island's fitness community to spend the first day of 2013 participating in a fundraiser to support the Newtown, CT families.  Given how little any of us can do to help, this at least seemed like something.

You may ask,
what can $$ do -- I get it...

However, there are foundations and parent/child support groups in CT that the funds will go to.  Things like bereavement support groups, kids activity development, etc... Every bit of what we all earn on 1/1 during 'Friends of Newtown' classes will go toward the fundraiser.

The events at Pulse and Barre are scheduled already, the suggested donation is $25 per person - if your punchcard rate is all you can do, that's GREAT.  If you can bring more to contribute to whatever you're willing that's GREAT too.

You need to sign up like you usually do... Pulse will be writing a check to the group recommended by Mike and the coordinators of the event.

There are great classes at Bridge, at Tenth Gate Yoga, Able Mind & Body, NAC and more that will help support those families.

Ok -

I'm done typing so I can stop tearing up about it.

Hope to see you at one of our, or the other gym's classes.  Ours are listed below:

We increased the size allowance for these classes to help raise more funds - so please bear with the size of the class if it's more than you're used to!

7:30 a.m. Friends of Newtown Barre with Meghan

9:30 a.m. Friends of Newtown Spin with Jacki
10:30 a.m. Friends of Newtown Trampoline Tabata with Jacki
10:30 a.m. Friends of Newtown Barre with Jody
11:30 a.m. Friends of Newtown Spin with Alessandra
12:00 p.m. Friends of Newtown Drive/Weights with Chris

Have a safe and wonderful holiday week, and hope to see you all 1/1 in some form.



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