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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Classes & Hours

We are ONLY closed on Christmas Day -- there are classes on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve's and plenty between to come get a great workout in!  

Here are the Christmas & New Years Eve Schedules ~ 
everything is posted online - sign up early.

You can bring visiting friends & family using your punch card if you would like.  Just sign yourself in twice for that class.

Christmas Eve
5:45 a.m Spin HIIT & (Optional) Run with Jacki
6:45 am Triple Threat with Alessandra
7:30 am Spin & Shred with Alessandra
8:15 - 9:30 am Jacki & Kathy go OLD SCHOOL - Bounce & Whipped (Trampoline & Weights)

New Years Eve
7:30 a.m Spin & Shred with Alessandra
8:30 am Turbo Tabata with Kathy & Alessandra
9:30 am Core Barre with Gena (94 William Street)
9:30 am 75 Minute Turbo Tabata with Kathy & Alessandra
12:00 pm Core Barre with Kate

Have a happy and safe Holiday Season -- don't worry about being TOO good if you've been with us all fall... you deserve a BREAK!  
Show the community that Pulse Junkies can have fun outside of the gym too!  
Work hard, play hard.


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