(401) 847-5831

Sunday, March 31, 2013

 at Bellevue Barre
If you are looking to develop flat, lean and hard abs get on the ball with stability ball core exercises that target your core.  This class will teach you how to breathe effectively while challenging your stability on the ball.  By using your core, you build the abdominal strength needed to help you obtain stability creating more power from the inside out.  This class will emphasize muscle endurance and balance challenging all the muscle groups.  A great body sculpting supplement to your cardio work!

Free trial Monday 4/15 @ 7:30am (Pulse Barre) Email aewetsel@msn.com to reserve your space!
Class Limited to 6


  1. This is the best thing I have ever used. The instructions say to take two of this supplement but for me one is plenty. I take it with lunch and enjoy the benefits the rest of the day.


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