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Friday, June 14, 2013

TOWN COUNCIL MEETING Regarding Beach Camp Permits Monday, 6/17 7:00 pm

Hello All!

As many of you are aware, the town of Middletown is revising how they handle groups who use public facilities ~ Second Beach being one of them.
In the past, they've required permits from Pulse and fees that were minimal, and this year the talk is to raise the fees to $25 per day.  This would be cost prohibitive for us to run camp and since we're there nearly every day from May through October in some form, would total around $4,000 for Pulse to use both beaches.
Thank you for your supportive comments in that we all pay taxes and this is unfair ~~ I agree with you, but also see the town's point that I run a business there.  So - some of my points of contention that I plan to discuss in the meeting ~~
~ If I run my business in Newport and don't actually conduct business at the beach, is this relevant?
~ If I still have to pay, what is covered by a 'DAY'?  If 12 hours = 1 day, then I could pick and choose which camps are BEACH and pay $25 for the full 6 week session for just those camps.  Other camps might move around to help the budget.
I'd much rather spend that $4,000 on more equipment and education for all of us trainers at Pulse ~ than a town fee for pre-beach hour fitness.
You know me - I prefer to go into this without the idea of an argument, hopeful that we'll come up with a deal that works for us all.  I'll be going at 6pm to fill out my request to speak and present my counter proposal.  If anyone feels they'd like to contribute a 5 minute or less comment that starts out being constructive please let me know by Sunday evening.  (Jacki@pulsenewport.com)
If you have time and want to come support Pulse on Monday at 7pm wear your Pulse tee and let's go keep our permission granted for Beach Camps!

Thank you all for your time and well wishes ~~
There are enough of us, we can make this work.

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