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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bellevue Barre Studio is a great location for BIRTHDAY PARTIES!
Want to get the party out of your house and have a killer black light, strobe and/or disco ball birthday party for your tween?  
Bellevue Barre (94 William Street) is a great venue for up to 25 kids to crank music, dance and hang out...  or rent a projector and have a big movie night blown up on the walls...
There is space to set up a food table and a bathroom in the back ~ only one entrance at the front so no fear of losing little ones or having teens try to wander off ;)
$100 for 3 hour rental includes
 2 disco balls
 80 feet of glowing decorative tubing
2 blacklights
oversized 'Connect Four' game
inflatable bowling game
'Headbands' Board Game (guessing game)
~ email jacki@pulsenewport.com for info ~
**Chaperone Available for an additional $100 for the night who can stay to clean up after**
(401) 595-8549

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