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Thursday, October 10, 2013

If you had a year left to live, and had kids... would you want to have to go to work?
Let's help this mom be able to stay with her kids as much as she can...

Here's an email from one of my client/friends ~

Its been too long since I’ve been in one of your classes… but the fact that I am sending this e-mail now says I will be able to return soon!  My big race is less than 4 weeks away.
I am writing with a request for your studio(s) and all of your clients.   When I step into the water to start my race on November 2nd, I will be racing to raise funds for a close family friend who was diagnosed with a terminal form of pancreatic cancer this past July.  She is 44, married and a mom to 3 kids ages 11, 9 and 7.  In July she was told she has an estimated 12 months remaining even with various treatments available to her.  Upon hearing her news, I was devastated, but took comfort in finding a way to help her and her family out for the coming, critical year.
Shortly after learning of her diagnosis, I formulated Red’s Rally- my fundraiser for my friend, Shelley.  My goal is to raise $365 for every mile of the 140.6 miles of my Ironman to give her a salary - to hopefully relieve her of having to work for the time she has left.  Her family has always worked hard to make ends meet while always being happy with what they have, and her diagnosis follows her husband being laid off a couple of months prior.
I am wondering if Pulse/Bellevue Barre as a local business, and/or any of your clientele collaboratively are interested in covering one mile for my cause.  If 37 people were willing to contribute $10 each- that would cover a mile, if 73 people were able to each give $5- that would cover a mile.  And, any amount will make a difference. J
I am not one to ask for anything without working hard to earn it- this is a virtue I learned in part from Shelley.  I assure you, if you choose to contribute, I am, and will continue, to work as hard as I can to make every mile count, and to finish my race with a smile on my face knowing that my pipeline dream now encompasses much more than just crossing a finish line.
You can find my fundraiser info at www.redsrally.org and I am also managing a Facebook page, "Red's Rally", to keep people updated through the fundraising process.  Shelley also has a Caring Bridge blog at www.caringbridge.org/visit/michellepatch
Thank-you for your time and considering my cause!

You can donate directly online or bring any amount into Pulse or Bellevue Barre between now and November 2... All proceeds plus a Pulse donation will be given directly to the family.

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