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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

FITCAMP PAYMENTS  ~  New policy for 2014

At Pulse - we love the honor system that we've had going since 2010 -- and we HATE THE WORD 'POLICY' ~~ yuck.  Really, we love that we can trust you with your makeup count, we trust you with the studio when we're not there, trust you to sign in to class, and all is great!!! 

We do need to ask for one favor ~ that you pay for camp on time.

Most of you can stop reading now ~~ for those that pay a day or two late, you can stop too… but we need to make our accounting system more streamlined and are going to impose a 10% camp dues increase for payments made after the first week of camp starting in 2014.

The hours spent tracking payments can be spend buying new equipment, helping people book sessions,  sanitizing, decorating & organizing Pulse & Barre, brainstorming new fun promotions for Pulse Junkies and more… and these things will help keep the positive energy circling at Pulse more than tracking camp dues. THANKS for understanding!

PLEASE pay within 7 days of camp start, or your camp rate is $330 instead of $299!  (and we don't want to ask for this!)
If you need a payment plan - we can set that up too ~ just ask :)  We get it and can help.

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