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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

FROM ONE OF OUR ORIGINAL PULSE JUNKIES (one of our founding members in 2010!!)
  ~~ about Kelsi's SPIN & TRIM class today 
(Wednesday, 1/15 8:30 a.m.) ~~

"Kelsi,  I'd like to take this time to tell you how AWESOME your spinning class was this AM. 
I feel humbled...I thought I was in good shape but after (& during!) your class I realized how 
my lungs and legs need work!  I found myself looking at the clock more often and not due to 
boredom but looking to see how much more abuse my body had to endure!  It's been a long 
time since I've taken a spinning class but I now look forward to enrolling more often, your 
classes included.  Thanks for a remarkably FANTASTIC workout, great class flow, terrific music 
and especially providing us an extremely highly motivating cardio kick!  I especially liked your 
idea at the beginning of class to focus primarily on our leg left and then our right....I never realized 
how 1 leg is much stronger than the other!  Good call!  Best wishes for a successful run at Pulse! 
I look forward to working out with you again. 

She'll have limited space for free trials of her style in future classes ~ you MUST email to reserve.


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