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Saturday, May 10, 2014

What's the buzz at Pulse about FOOD/DRINK/JUICE/PROTEIN/SHAKES etc…?  

There are so many programs for clean eating ~~ Which one should you do?  
Juicing, Isagenix, Advocare, SlimPossible, Herbalife, so many choices!!!
Maybe you've heard the great successes from Kathy's clients on the Isagenix program, or the great results from Jacki's Raw Food Renewal program… people are melting, bodies are jumping higher with greater energy, and life is good at Pulse & Bellevue Barre.

People ask us - Which is better?  Does it all work?
The easy answer - most of them are great and can work wonders!  The root of the success is in the BAD HABITS YOU DROP
not necessarily the food & juice & products you're eating.
The real answer lies in yourself and your personal preferences - if you prefer real foods and don't mind prepping, or if you prefer easier to access snacks/shakes… if you want a program you can create on your own without purchasing later, or can commit to a product line that works for you and gives you great results!  It's about you ~~ but whatever you do - know that your diet is 70% of your success -- 
the workouts take care of the other 30%!  Commit to a plan and succeed.

Remember -- we're not in the nutrition business, we are your movers & shakers!! But if you need a price tag attached and the commitment of a program ~ we have them for you.  Ask us!


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