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Thursday, September 4, 2014

benefits of rowing
10. No half-body workouts here.  It's the only full-body cardio machine, engaging over 20 muscle groups in the legs, back, core, shoulders and arms
9. Want to become a better all-around athlete?  Fast-twitch fibers engaged during a rowing stroke promote muscle growth and explosive power transferable to many other sports and activities 
8. The low-impact nature of this easy-to-learn movement causes little to no stress on joints
7. Rowing promotes better posture, joint health and flexibility by strengthening the muscles of the core, upper and lower back, while allowing a full range of motion for people of all ages and sizes
6. The unique push-pull movement requires leg and arm coordination, meaning no reading or flipping channels while at the gym.  You are there to exercise, right?!
5. How’d you like to continue burning fat AFTER a workout? Rowing raises the heart rate quickly, increasing the afterburn effect - the state of elevated metabolism post-workout
4. The monitors on a rowing machine provide a variety of ways to track progress(including power output) and allow races to promote friendly competition amongst friends.  Have you tried Concept2's fish-eating game?  
3. Want an alternative to your long runs? Rowing is an ideal cross-training and functional movement for all types of athletes, particularly runners, as it preserves joints while training for a race 
2. Short on time? Hop on the rower and burn 15 calories a minute!  The combination of strength and cardiovascular conditioning in one movement makes rowing a model of efficiency.
1. Rowing has been carving badass physiques for centuries - how do you think Ancient Greek and Spartan warriors got around?! 

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