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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

to the Pulse Newport Team!

Fridays at 10:30 she's bringing you SOUL SPIN.  (Read below for class detail)
ALL CLASSES 5/8 - 6/19 $49!  (7 Possible Fridays @ 10:30 a.m.)

She's a fitness NUT, passionate about MUSIC, Mad Dog Spin Certified ~ and has already been writing up workouts for YOU.

You know the best SPIN classes rock it out with grooving loud music, weights on the bike - and a teacher who FEELS it... Come join our newest trainer Erika Saviano, Mad Dog Certified Spin Instructor for more spin!  She'll help you focus on awareness in the cycling motion while using the music to help you flow into the ride.  Erika is a college and beyond competitive soccer player who has a passion for fitness she's ready to bring your way!  Email erikasav@gmail.com for your free trial reservation or questions.

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