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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

HIPHOP Class with Amber
Starts 8/4
6 for $60 8/4 - 9/8 Consecutive or Punchcard in!
August 4th- September 8th
7pm Bellevue Barre

The term "Hip Hop" greatly limits the scope of a typical Hip Hop class.  Hip Hop lately has been thought of as having to pop and lock, twerk, moonwalk, and doing the robot all the time. 

Meanwhile THIS hip hop class is about feeling confident, cool and having fun! Learn how to put steps together in fresh, upbeat choreography! This is an energetic class that not only teaches you Hip Hop movements and technique, but also instills rhythm and coordination to new radio hits and killer throwback jams!
(As for the workout, a one-hour Hip Hop class can burn anywhere from 250 to 650 calories!)

 Come drop it like it’s hot!


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