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Friday, April 7, 2017

Hi Pulse Junkies!

Have a different thing for you ~~ thought it was worth sharing as I'm DEFINITELY getting this on Rogue's phone...
It's an app for parents of teens and tweens that helps you stay on top of all of their actions and interactions on line. 
If your child has, or better is about to get a smartphone, you should check it out.
Their blog outlines a ton of apps you might not know about and what they're used for too.

From their press release:

NEW BEDFORD -- A local neurosurgeon has designed a smartphone app called Social Judo that allows parents to track the activity of their children's smartphones, automatically flagging sites with material that is unsuitable.  The surgeon, Dr. Matthew Philips of New Bedford, has set up a website to market the app, which costs $15-$20/month to subscribe.  The site is https://www.socialjudo.com

Love anything that can help keep our kids safe in this ever widening world!

Is it spying?
I don't think so... it's opening their bedroom door.


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