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Thursday, June 15, 2017

6/27 - 8/17

SUPfit Class Series - with Andrea Breyer and Brian Fisher
Third Beach, Middletown - 6/27 - 8/17 Tues/Thurs 6:30 a.m.
16 sessions $288 (8 sessions $144), not including board.
Rental boards available on site at a discounted rate ($15/time) from normal shop rates. All participants must know how to swim.

Ready to get fit, have fun, enjoy the beach and learn a new sport?
Join Andrea in  SUPfit class series held at beautiful Third Beach, Middletown.
Andrea is a Certified SUP instructor and AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and has extensive experience having taught SUPfit, SUPYoga, SUPkids for Pulse all of last summer. Andrea is also a certified Yoga instructor.
This class series welcomes all levels and will include: basic paddling strokes and SUP safety, drills on and off the board, beach workouts, fun races and longer paddles when the conditions allow. You will work hard, break a sweat and feel challenged in a fun and safe environment!
For those who are completely new to SUP, we recommend booking a private SUP session with Andrea prior to the start of the series.  Andrea will also be happy to organize semi-private/small group SUP sessions on request.


  1. I wish i had lived near the sea so i could participate in such sports. because they seem so interesting and a new thing for me to try. well i am going to keep hoping one day if i do get it on

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