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Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Bootcamp isn't just 14 amazing workouts for the hours we see you ~~ you also get HOMEWORK (like the above -- follow pulsenewport on instagram, #lanetrained) sometimes PRIZES and NUTRITION assignments to do each week to get you to your fitness goals!

(Homework above.... Jog Goat Island Bridge & back... there are 21 benches at Storer Park at the end... do 1 stepup & 2 propulsive triceps dips at each, jog the bridge again and voila!)

Check online for ....

Beach into Studio with Jacki or Kathy
Rowing with Jen
Studio Camps with Kathy or Jacki
And probably more by the time you check....

Make friends, have fun, work hard, see results, be strong, be FIT, be AMAZING.

Winners "Best Gym to get your Butt in SHAPE" RI Monthly Magazine 2017...

Pulse Newport, Bellevue Barre and Energy Studios are where you really get RESULTS.

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