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Bellevue Barre Newport RI - strike a pose

Bellevue BARRE is a 1000 sq./ft. barre studio just off Bellevue Ave at 94 William Street, Newport, RI.

Mirrored walls and gleaming hardwoods inspire your inner ballerina, while the barre and Pulse’s trainers help you achieve the workout of a dancer.  Barre workouts were brought to Newport originally by Pulse Newport Owner Jacki Lane when she discovered Physique 57 in NYC with friends in 2012.  Since then, she’s been recreating barre workouts of all styles with her inspired and inspiring team of professionals.  We are not a franchise studio, you can count on individual flair from each trainer, and the variety of workouts that make working out WORK.

Our latest innovation is Barre Survival, a class that blends high level plyometric and cardio survival songs set strictly to music… (think Jumping Jacks for all of Billy Idol’s Dancing with Yourself) with the effective leg, butt, arm & ab toning that Barre workouts are known to provide.

Punchcard Rates

10 for $160, 15 for $225, 20 for $280

30 Minute Classes 10 for $89

Punchcards do not expire and can be used at all three locations or for GameON Kids Access.  Clients are welcome to drop kids off at GameOn to get their Barre, Pulse Gym OR Pulse Studio workouts in.

Email us for a free trial if you’ve never been to our amazing studio!

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