Game On Second Pate

GameON Kids Activity Zone is set up as a tween-teen activity zone utilizing active motion video gaming consoles as a social ‘gym’ for kids.

During the day, under 5 year old kids rule the room with toddler play structures, tunnels and tents to keep them busy while parents work out.  “Babysitting rooms” are often something to dread for kids — GameOn is something we’re seeing kids BEG to come back to!

In the afternoons & evenings, gameON ages up for kids who want to play Xbox Adventures, Xbox Sports, Nintendo WII Just Dance and more active games.

Any age leaves sweating, and has had fun in a social active outlet unlike no other.

Unlimited GameOn use is included with Family Membership, or can be purchased via a $10 for 2 hour punch-pass per child ($100 for 10 passes.) . So the MEMBERSHIP is where the value is at!  We don’t know about YOU, but we spent way more than $100/month on babysitting for OUR sanity as parents of young kids… so here it is for you… gameON! for a free trial gameOn day for your family~!