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Studio FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the three studios & how are they different? 
Pulse - 1 Casino Terrace #8 -  is our original studio opened in 2009 - it's our Bootcamp/Cardio Training studio that has spin bikes, trampolilnes and a few rowers & treadmills for interval work.  Hours may look 'open', but they are privately reserved for bootcamps.

Bellevue Barre is our second - 94 William Street, Newport opened in 2013 - focused solely on Barre training with a different staff of instructors - all classes vary.

Pulse Gym opened in Fall of 2017 as an open-membership gym with GameON Kids Activity center.  The enERGy rowing studio, which opened summer of 2015 - quickly became too small and we rolled the Rowing classes into the Pulse gym along with some other great new workouts!  Membership is an option at Pulse Gym, not required to be a member to attend classes or do personal training.

Do I need dance experience to attend a Barre class?
No. The Ballet Physique is a group fitness class, not a dance class. We incorporate ballet-inspired exercises into the workout, but they are taught at a basic level geared towards non-dancers (although, dancers tend to love the classes, too!)

Do you offer a beginner class?
We do not offer a beginner class. All of our workouts are “open level” and include modifications for new students. In any given class, you will discover clients of all ages and abilities.  Talk to the trainer about modifications before you begin & we will help keep you safe!

How many classes per week are recommended?

We suggest taking an average of 3-5 classes per week, and vary them among the studios!  Cross training is key!

Will I lose weight coming to Bellevue Barre only?

There is a strong chance that you will lose weight if you attend class regularly and follow a healthy diet. More amazing benefits include: increased lean muscle mass, beautiful posture, higher energy, and better fitting clothes.

Do I need additional cardio to supplement my workout if I love Barre?

You might not. We've seen our clients with heart rates as high as SPRINTING down Bellevue Avenue!!! While this may be sufficient for you, some clients prefer to incorporate 1-2 days of additional cardio per week. In this case, we recommend heading over to one of our other studio ~ Pulse Newport ~ for one of their cardio crazy classes.

How does Bellevue Barre compare to other barre programs?
Our clientele travels globally, and they are all uniform in their responses that our classes are 'harder' than anything they ever attend elsewhere, and more creative.  Our trainers are just that ~ certified personal trainers with an added 'minor' if you will in Barre workout training.  So they draw from personal training, bootcamp AND barre style workouts for the ones we provide at Bellevue Barre.

How large are your classes?
Barre has an 18 person limit
Pulse has a 26 person limit
enERGy has a 16 person limit

What should I wear?

AT BARRE:  For your feet, barefoot is ok, but grip socks are recommended. Your clothing should be comfortable and similar to what you would wear in a Yoga or Pilates class. This includes long pants, leggings, or capris with a tank or t-shirt. Please avoid short shorts and sports bras. It is important that you keep your body covered and warm.
AT PULSE:  Running sneakers & workout wear!
WHILE ROWING: NO LONG LOOSE shorts/shirts/sweats (they'll get stuck in the rower!)

I have an injury. Should I have any concerns?

We advise you to consult with your doctor before taking any class with an injury. All of our trainers can help you modify around a minor injury.  Upon your first class, please arrive 10 minutes early to discuss your injury with the class instructor.

I I am pregnant. Should I have any concerns?

We require a doctor’s note before taking class. We also suggest that you arrive 10 minutes early to discuss your pregnancy with the instructor, who will help design appropriate modifications.

Do I need to make reservations?

Reservations are highly recommended due to limited class sizes. Drop-ins are welcome but will only be allowed to take class if it is not full. To make a reservation, visit our online class schedule or call (401) 847-5831.

Can a reserved class be canceled?

Yes, you may cancel a class online up to 12 hours before or via phone. Our cancellation policy is:

Reservations must be canceled 12 hours prior to the start of class.

If your late cancellation is for a class that is full and/or waitlisted, it will result in that class being deducted from your existing package or series.  If you are late to class, your space may be given away to a wait list client.

Can I try a class for free?

Aquidneck Island Residents can get one free trial with proof of residency (drivers licenses ok), to each studio by emailing info@pulsenewport.com

Do men take your classes?

Yes!  Fewer at Barre than Pulse or enERGy but they're welcome to ALL.  

Do the punchcards work at all three studios?


Do you have student rates?

Yes, it is a 10 class for $100 special promotion rate.

Do you offer any group discounts?

We have a corporate discount of 15%. Please inquire at the front desk if your group may be interested. At least five members of your organization must sign-up in order to receive the discount.

Are you currently franchising?

We are not a franchise and do not have plans to franchise in the near future.


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