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Tentative Class Schedule


Some clients can't open the below link to our most accurate & up-to-date schedule.  If that's you, see what we MIGHT be offering below and scroll to the bottom to email the instructor about reserving a spot for you.

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Bellevue Barre @ 94 William Street, Newport
EnERGy Rowing @ 580 Thames Street, Newport
Pulse Bootcamp style workouts @1 Casino Terrace #8, Newport

 Pulse ~ (P) 1 Casino Terrace #8 for Pulse Classes 
Bellevue Barre ~ (B) 94 William Street for Barre Classes
Energy Row (E) 580 Thames Street ~ enERGy ROW

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UPDATED  1/24/17

MONDAY - Sample Class Schedule, to reserve click here
5:30 am - CHAOS with Annemarie Cazzarro (P)
6:30 am - Spinning with Beth (P)
7:30 am - Circuit City with Kyle (P)
8:30 am - Tuck Tone & Shake with Ashley (B)
8:30 am - 321 Row with Amber (E)
9:30 am - Ballet Barre with Revka Hovermale (B)
9:30 am - Cross Training with Kathy Martin (P)
9:45 am - Interval Row with Jacki Lane (E)
10:30 am - Barre Break with Lisa Fitzpatrick (B)
10:45 am - Pulse 101 with Kyle Borsare (P)
12:00 pm - Upper Management with Chris Lane (P)
5:00 - 5:45 pm - Strength and Conditioning Circuit (P)
5:30 - 6:25 pm - Row for the 1000's with Amber (E)
5:30 pm - Bellevue Barre Cardio (B) with Meridith
6:00 pm - Boxfit with Jesse Macrae (P)
6:30 pm - Shaping Self with Shannon (B)

TUESDAY - Sample Class Schedule, to reserve click here
6:00 am - Power Yoga with David (B)
7:30 am - Cardio Barre with Meghan (B)
7:30 - 8am NEW Express Weights with Kathy (P)
8:00 - 8:30 am NEW Express Spin with Kathy (P) 
8:30 am - Bellevue Barre Cardio Glutes & Thighs with Pam Clare (B)
9:30 am - Triple Threat with Amber (P)
9:30 am - Ballet Barre with Revka Hovermale (B)
10:30 am - SpinSTRONG with Amber (P)
9:45 am - ERG Hour of Power with Jen (E)
4:15 pm - Tuck, Tone & Shake with Ashley (B)
5:00 pm - Boxfit Lite with Jesse Macrae (P)
5:00 pm - Jillian Michael's 30 Min BODYSHRED with Sabrina (B)
5:30 pm - Barre Blend with Sabrina (B)
5:30 pm - Interval Row with Remy (E)
5:30 pm - Bellevue Barre Sculpt with Sabrina (B)
6:00 pm - Boxfit with Jesse Macrae (P)

WEDNESDAY - Sample Class Schedule, to reserve click here
5:30 am - Interval Row with Annemarie Cazzarro (E)
6:00 am - Cardio Barre with Lisa (B)
7:00 am - Bellevue Barre Cardio with Nicole (B)
7:30 am -  Add it Up with Kyle Borsare (B)
7:30 am - Express Row with Erika (E)
8:25 am - Bellevue Barre Cardio with Jacki Lane (B)
8:30 am - Gear it UP Weight it Down with Kathy Martin (P)
9:30 am - Express Barre Butts & Guts with Pam (B)
9:30 am - Interval Row with Remy (E)
10:00 am - Jillian Michaels 30Min BODYSHRED with Lisa (B)
10:30 am - Barre Break with Lisa (B)
12:00 pm - DIESEL with Chris Lane (P)
5:00 - 5:45 pm - Strength and Conditioning Circuit (P)
5:00 pm - Jillian Michaels 30 Min BodySHRED with Sabrina (B)
5:30 pm - Barre Blend with Sabrina (B)
6:00 pm - Boxfit with Jesse Macrae (P)

THURSDAY - Sample Class Schedule, to reserve click here
6:00 am - Power Yoga with David (B)
5:30 am Interval Row with Annemarie (E)
7:30 - 8am NEW Express Spin with Kathy (P)
7:30 am - Stability Ball Barre with Meghan (B)
8:00 - 8:30 am NEW Express Weights with Kathy (P)
8:30 am - Bellevue Barre Cardio with Sabrina (B)
9:30 am - Cardio Coundown with Kathy Martin (P)
9:30 am - Ballet Barre with Revka (B)
9:30 am - Interval Row with Erika (E)
10:30 am - BarreFlex a Dancer's Stretch with Revka (B)
10:30 am - Pulse 101 with Kyle (P)
4:15 pm - Tuck, Tone & Shake with Ashley (B)
5:00 - 5:45 pm - Boxfit Lite with Jesse Macrae (P)
5:30 pm - PowerBarre with Lisa (B)
5:30 pm - Interval Row with Amber (E)
6:00 pm - Boxfit with Jesse Macrae (P)

FRIDAY - Sample Class Schedule, to reserve click here
5:30 am - Endurance Row with Charlotte Armstrong (E)
6:00 am - Bellevue Barre Cardio with Jacki Lane (B)
6:30 am - Jillian Michaels 30 Min BODYSHRED with Amber (E)
7:30 am - Rebound30 with Kyle ℗
8:30 am - Bellevue Barre breathe.move.love.  with Tessa Taub (B)
8:30 am - 321 Row with Amber (E) (starting 10/3)
9:30 am - CardioBarre with Lisa (B)
9:45 am - Interval Row with Jacki Lane (E)
10:30 am - Soul Spin with Erika (P)
12:00 pm - Chest & Arms Lift Class with Chris Lane (P)
6:00 pm - Boxfit with Jesse Macrae (P)

SATURDAY - Sample Class Schedule, to reserve click here
6:45 am -  Sizzle ~ Heated Barre with Lisa Fitzpatrick (B)
7:00 am -  Add It Up with Kathy Martin (P)
7:00 am - Interval Row with Annemarie Cazzarro (E)
8:00 am - Gear it UP Weight it Down (Spin/Weights) with Kathy Martin (P)
8:00 am - Bellevue Barre with Hillary Davidson (B)
8:00 am - Powerhouse Row with Erika (E)
9:00 am - Row Box with Remy (E)
9:00 am - Muscle Max with Leslie ℗
9:00 am - Barre Inferno with Pam (B)
10:30 am - Boxfit with Jesse Macrae (P)
10:30 am - Shaping Self with Shannon (B)

SUNDAY  - Sample Class Schedule, to reserve click here
8:00 am - Endurance Row with Charlotte (E)
8:00 am - Bellevue Barre Blend with Sabrina (B)
8:00 am - SpinStrong with Amber (P)
9:15 am - Barre Fusion with Tessa (B)
9:30 am - SHREDCircuit with Frank (P)
10:30 am - CardioBallet Fusion with Nicole (B)

Instructor Emails 
Amber ~ aroyal@spartans.ut.edu
Annemarie ~ cazzarro@gmail.com
Ashley ~ ashley.disciullo@salve.edu
Chris ~ clane1875@gmail.com
Charlotte ~ cmr.armstrong@gmail.com
Eloise ~ empowerfitnessri@gmail.com
Erika ~ erikasav@gmail.com
Frank ~ coachbrow1@gmail.com
Gina ~ gtlall@gmail.com
Hillary ~ hillary@pulsenewport.com
Jacki ~ jacki@pulsenewport.com
Jesse ~ jesse.macrae@gmail.com
Kate ~ kate@pulsenewport.com
Kathy ~ kathy@pulsenewport.com
Kyle Ann ~ aiof@cox.net
Lisa ~ lisa@pulsenewport.com
Leah ~ lagallagher11@gmail.com
Leslie ~ browleslie@yahoo.com
Meghan ~ meglamarre@yahoo.com
Meridith ~ merid34@gmail.com
Natalia ~ natalia.santiago@salve.edu
Nicole ~ nicole.landry@salve.edu
Pam ~ pamclare@cox.net
Revka ~ revh5678@hotmail.com
Sabrina ~ gorgeoussjh@gmail.com
Shannon ~ shannon.harrington@salve.edu
Taylor ~ taylor.becchetti@salve.edu
Tessa ~ tessaitsyourlife@gmail.com

1 Casino Terrace #8 ~ Newport, RI (401) 847-5831
Class Punchcards available from $13/class.


321Row ~ Three minutes of Rowing Cardio, Two Minutes of Strength, One Minute of Ab Torture.  Multiple circuits of this style will leave you breathless for no more! I promise to keep the routines fresh and creative, it’s as easy as counting 1,2,3!

Bellevue Barre ~ a mix of constant burn ballet inspired toning and stretching... Inspired by NYC & LA trends in barre workouts including Physique 57, The Barre Method, Core Fusion, and more ~~ Check for specific tweaks to each class... and come barefoot ready to burn those target spots and have fun.  Space in Bellevue Barre Studio strictly limited to 15 - sign up in advance to guarantee your spot!
Check out the different styles of Barre classes ~
Bellevue Barre Arms & Abs ~ work your legs in the barre segments, but focus on arm & abdominal conditioning more than a traditional barre class might
Bellevue Barre Diamonds ~ more targeted work to inner & outer thighs & oblique abs
Bellevue Barre Cardio ~ fast paced, advanced barre moves with cardio bursts inspired from boxing and fast choreographed segments -- Outdoor means hill walks or jogs!  Bring shoes!!!
Bellevue Barre Intro ~ learn the basics, go a little slower, and still get a great workout!
Bootcamp Style Bellevue Barre ~ incorporates barre work + bootcamp style moves (plyometrics, weights, cardio intervals and more) 
Energy Barre ~ E= Pilates + Barre + Nutrition, work a few more pilates moves and get nutrition tips
Power Barre ~ This is an interval and circuit based mix of constant burn ballet inspired toning/conditioning and flexibility work 
Bellevue Barre Sculpt & Flow ~ Combines challenging barre moves that strengthen and lengthen your entire body. The class will flow in and out of sculpting moves on and off the barre while giving plenty of time to recover with stretching your long, lean and gorgeous muscles. Be prepared to fall in love with moving your body! 

Booty Barre™
Developed by Master Pilates instructor Tracey Mallett, The Booty Barre® is a ballet barre based program which applies the fundamentals of Pilates and yoga with dance, helping to strengthen and sculpt the body. Unlike other barre programs, The Booty Barre® does not rely primarily on isometric muscle contractions but instead incorporates more functional movement. Booty Barre® utilizes fluid and full ranges of motion, which helps prevent injuries as it more closely mimics how we move in real life. Burn fat, tone the entire body, and as the name implies, The Booty Barre® works on creating a tighter, higher behind.  Booty Barre Basics will not be an 'easier' class, but will move with a little more instruction and slower transitions between moves.

BoxFit ~ This class is a full body workout that incorporates all the fundamentals of a boxer’s workout. You’ll do jump rope, shadow boxing, pad work, heavy bag work, plyometrics, abs and a lot of heart pumping exercises in a fun and motivating environment. This is the ultimate workout!  Boxfit Circuits incorporates more traditional weight training & cardio intervals, and Lite is a slower paced but just as hard as the others if you want it to be!

Chaos™  CARDIOCENTRIC ATHLETIC CONDITIONING using 3-8 minute intervals of specifically programmed treadmill running (or walking), rowing and trx/weights stations.  Class size limited to 12 specifically ~ 6 will be in Chaos Circuit while 6 are riding bikes watching their pain.  To quote one of our strongest campers, "THIS IS THE HARDEST THING YOU'VE EVER DONE."  It's a concept I believe in so much I've trademarked the name and plan to build more for you around it in the future.  All levels welcome ~ honest!  jacki@pulsenewport.com

Chest & Arms

Is what it is... simple, to the point, chest & arm chiseler.  Class length 60 minutes, but workout only lasts as long as the routine is set to follow ~ you stay on and bike steadystate on your own for the remainder of the hour.

Circuit City  Interval Circuit Training Format. Rotate through a mix of stations which will include but are not limited to: TRX, Kettlebells, Boxes, Trampolines, Bikes, Body Bars & Free Weights. Endless possibilities to burn calories, melt fat and sweat puddles!

Cycle70  Count on 3-5 great spin songs to get you REVVED and follow that up with a 70 rep race down in segments of 25, 20, 15 and 10 of strength training and cardio moves.   Jump back on the bike for another steady sweat and finish strong with core!

Endurance Row - Distance training - long time on the ERG!

Diesel Cardio intervals alternated with lifting - man style -- Chris is in charge, music will be a little more hardcore than in some of the other classes and the weights will be heavy!

enERGy row Want to see what 30-50 minutes of ROWING feels like?  This enERGy class is just that - 30-50 minutes on the ERG (short for ergometer - the 'nickname' real rowers call these devil machines) ~ count on intervals of stroke rate & split time intensity, and a few on & off the rower drills to keep it interesting.  Sync up with 8 others in this killer cardio hour new to the Pulse schedule!  Rowing involves FULL BODY muscle recruitment with NO IMPACT for the most balanced and intense cardio workout you can get!  Email jacki@pulsenewport.com for info or sign up online with your punchcard.

Gear it UP!  Weight it Down! Join Kathy for Interval Spinning on the new bikes (think blocks of time) with a full body weight/core/plyo workout to build lean muscle while you torch calories on the bike. We'll use RPM's, Power and Mileage on the bike to get the most burn for our buck! Sign up quick!

Hardcore Spin You asked for a spin class -- and you've got it! Join your trainer for 45-60 sweaty minutes on the bike to rocking tunes.  Spin & Abs ads just that, a great core blast at the end!

Interval Row  Love the idea of rowing's full body cardio workout but not the idea of 50 minutes straight?  Work our "Interval Row" class for intense rowing intervals varying in length from :60 to 15:00 alternating with strength work using dumbbells, sandbells & med balls - all the intervals we've thrown at you at Pulse (306090, 3210, 2x4, Turbo Tabata, Cardio Countdown, and some new mixers coming your way in this great 55 minute CARDIO STRENGTH combo workout!

Jillian Michael's BodySHRED ~ 4x6 Minute High Intensity intervals is all you need if you push HARD enough! BODYSHRED ~ 3 Minutes Strength, 2 Minutes Plyo/Hard Cardio, 1 Minute Core Recovery - try the formula created by Jillian Michael's for an express workout that gets it ALL in 30 Minutes!

906030 / Interval Sweat  360 Second Fit Intervals An amazing format for maximum calorie burn and strength training- cardio and strength/bodyweight work ~ intervals range from killer cardio to weights patterns, just when you think you can't do another round...

Upper Management One pound of muscle burns about 6.5 calories per hour, according to McArdle. Muscles burn 5.5 times more calories than fat tissues, which burn about 1.2 calories per pound per hour.  This class is all about that ~ BUILDING MUSCLE.  UPPER BODY only in this men-oriented class -- work to build SHOULERS, CHEST, BACK & ABS with Chris.

PowerFUSION  POWER intervals of plyometrics, kettlebells, and insanity style workouts in 40/50 or 60 second intervals with 30/20/10 seconds of power yoga poses. This is NOT a yoga workout - shoes on, sweat heavy, but during that 'break' stretch and lengthen muscle groups worked in the intense interval. You know if you're a PULSE JUNKIE you don't stretch enough ~~ this throws in a tiny bit, while you're heart is thumping -- making it a lot more 'fun' :) As you know we always have to take it up just a notch... no more rest on those intervals in this madhouse!

Rock & Row An enERGetic blend of rowing intervals with strength related exercises, sprinkled with some high intensity cardio and isotonic holds. This workout will have you growing into a better athlete and is great for cross training. Come in and feel the wind of the erg in your face!

Stadium Conditioning Come Join Kathy Monday's and Fridays at 830am for a kick butt Stadium workout!  Meet at Pulse at 825 and we'll bring our gear over.  expect Stair work, some drills in the grass and a bunch of body weight work - Kathy's campers LOVE this workout! Class will be cancelled if the weather is bad.

YogaSculpt  When muscle meets yoga, Yoga Sculpt is born. Boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass as you move to upbeat tracks. You'll combine free weights with CorePower Yoga 2 sequencing and cardio to intensify each yoga pose while mixing in strength-training moves like squats, lunges and bicep curls. (Class is heated)