Success Toolbox

1 Piece of Bread = a Bag of Skittles

As trainers & seekers of the lowest bodyfat functionally possible, we’re always on the hunt for the easiest way to remind clients how to eat.  Bread turns to SUGAR almost as fast as CANDY! and then to FAT faster than any protein.  Reminder of the day ~~ PROTEIN FIRST, VEGGIES NEXT, treat any starchy carb


SHREDMill 30 is a quick and easy way to keep your RUN going for winter.  We mix treadmill walking, jogging & sprinting intervals with strength training on the floor for a quick burn.  Come 10 mins early and stay on after as part of your class punch to get the most out of your $9! 

DIY Workouts

  When you go to the gym, do you have a PLAN?  Pulse Gym membership includes access to our DIY workouts ~~ workouts written by award winning BEST of RI Personal Trainers for you to execute in our gym. Getting to the gym is great, but getting the MOST out of it is what we’re

The NIFT Gift email is REAL!

The NIFT Gift email is REAL! Hi there everyone! Pulse was approached by a local neighborhood gifting promotion program that sounded cool to us (Zelda’s and Bridge Liquors Gift Certificates 🙂 ~~ and they will be (or have) emailing you a gift from a local business to say THANKS from us! It’s not a scam,